Welcome to the all new Micro-hint grids for Season 3!

Here's how it works. With each registration, you receive one micro-hint that you can request at any time during the hunt if you choose. To request your hint, email us with the case sensitive letter that corresponds to the clue you need a hint for in the subject line. For the first micro-hint of that letter, we will reveal if the answer has an odd or even number of letters in the solution. For the second, we will reveal if it goes across or down and so forth. 

All Micro-hints are public knowledge revealed here on the this page. So choose wisely if and when you decide to use a micro-hint. Normal hints will still be distributed on a weekly basis with no action required on your part.

But wait! You may be asking, what if someone registers multiple times? In that case, they can request more and more hints revealing this whole grid! That is true. And they will pay each time they register, building up the prize pool for everyone, while also providing additional information to everyone. We encourage this behaviour, and you should too!

UPPER grid
LOWER grid