Frequently asked questions

What happens if I find the treasure box?

The treasure box contains the final instructions to be completed to claim your prize. Only the bearer of the final instructions is eligible to claim the prize, and there is only one prize to be awarded. If you find the treasure box, but it is empty, it means that you have correctly solved the puzzle, but someone found it before you. It is possible that you arrive at the correct solution and cannot find the treasure box that someone has also found it before you. It is also possible for you to arrive at the right location and overlook the treasure box. After all, it is subtly hidden. We will put a notice on this website as soon as we're notified that the treasure box has been found.

Do I have to leave my home to participate?

Most of the hunt does not require you to leave your home and can be done using Google Maps or other tools found online. It will require some familiarity with Burnaby and landmarks, roads, businesses, and other points of interest within its City Limits. To find the treasure box, you will need to leave your home to go to the location you get from solving the riddles. If solved correctly, you should have it narrowed down to a very small search area which should only take a short amount of time from arrival on site to the discovery of the treasure box.

Can you tell us more about the final location?

The final location is outdoors, in public and will not require you to trespass, nor put you in danger any more than you would be in normally. It will also not require an admittance fee to gain access. The treasure box is above ground, relying on camouflage and subtlety to hide. It is in plain view and even though many people may pass it by, they are unlikely to take any notice of it. We will periodically check to ensure it has not been moved or tampered with. Please do not trespass or vandalize. Use common sense and pay attention to your surroundings and safety. The final location is wheelchair accessible but you may need an extension grabber tool or a long pair of tongs to pick up the actual treasure box. Having an able bodied person accompany you is recommended if you have mobility issues.

What about COVID-19?

The same advice applies to your Burnaby Treasure experience as it does for your regular everyday life. We strongly encourage that you follow all social and physical distancing guidelines put forth by the government.

The riddle has been designed so that if you prefer to solve it at home, you can comfortably do so with an Internet connection. The only part of the riddle that requires you to venture out is to collect the treasure box itself. If we are required to meet you in person to verify your solution and present you with your prize, we will be wearing a non-medical face covering and will respect the social distancing guidelines in place. We will choose an outdoor location to meet.

These recommendations are for everyone's safety and wellbeing.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, feel ill in any way, or if you are in self-isolation when you believe you have solved the final riddle, please stay home and send someone you trust who is healthy and able to check your site for you.
If you are collaborating with friends or anyone outside your "bubble", please utilize one of the many platforms available to meet virtually wherever possible.

How can I participate?

Simply pay for your entry on this website. You will receive a PDF that contains everything you need to find the treasure box.

Can I play even if I'm not in Burnaby?

All of the locations referenced in this hunt are in Burnaby, and the final location of the treasure box is also in Burnaby. While we will not restrict who purchases the puzzle, please keep in mind that as of this moment, there is still a pandemic at play. If you live outside Burnaby, remember most of this hunt can be done from home. Unless you believe you know where to look within a 5 meter radius, you likely have not done enough homework to be looking for the treasure box in person.

How will we know when someone wins?

If a winner comes forward to claim their prize, we will update this Website as soon as possible. There will be a short delay between the time a prize is claimed and the time this Website is updated. There is a chance that when you arrive at the final location, the prize will have already been claimed. There is a very small chance that someone not participating in the hunt disturbs the treasure box prior to your arrival at the final location. If you believe this is the case, you may send a selfie of yourself pointing to the exact location you believe to be correct to burnabytreasure@gmail.com and we will review the submission. The timestamp of the email will be used to review disputes. Our decision on the winner is final. You will only receive a reply if it is determined that you are the winner. Such a reply can take up to 2 business days.

What happens if no one wins? Or if several people win at once?

If the treasure is not found, one additional hint will be made available for free every week starting in September. You will be required to come to this website to access the hint. It is possible for several people to arrive at the final location at the same time. However, only one copy of the final instructions will exist. The bearer of those final instructions will be the winner who receives the prize. There will be no ties. Only one prize will be awarded and it will only be awarded to one individual.

Can I play as a team?

Only the bearer of the final instructions is eligible to claim the prize. It is up to that individual to decide if or how they will divide the prize and we are not responsible for any arrangements made between the winner and any other party whether verbal or in writing. If there are any disputes between members of a team, it is up to the team to resolve such disputes between themselves. We will only issue a single prize to the individual who has the final instructions in their possession. If you want to discuss the riddles with friends and family, that's your prerogative. However, only one prize will be awarded (see Terms and Conditions). We do ask that you do not post the riddle in whole or in part to a public forum or reproduce or distribute it en masse. Crowdsourcing solutions is considered poor form and is against the spirit of this game. In addition, the puzzle is our intellectual property and a license to reproduce or distrubute has not been granted.

How did you determine the value of the prize?

We would like the prize to be a satisfying reward for the first person to complete the puzzle, but also want to ensure we can keep running these hunts and want to keep the cost to participate at a minimum. The more popular the hunts, the greater the prizes will be in the future. Season 3 will be a unique charity event where the prize will be split between the winner and a registered charity within Burnaby of the winner's choosing. We will start the prize pool at $250 with 100% of all registration fees being added to the pool, so the more players, the bigger the pool and the greater the contribution to the charity.

What's your refund policy?

If the treasure is claimed within 2 hours of your purchase by someone other than you, we will offer you a full refund. There is no other circumstance where a refund will be offered.

When did this treasure hunt start? Is it too late to join? When will it end?

Season 3 began on October 22. You can register at any time until the treasure box is found. When the final instructions have been completed, the hunt will end. It is difficult to say how long it will take for this hunt to last, although we believe the absolute minimum time it takes will be 2 hours and maximum would be 2 years (both scenarios we find highly unlikely). The very nature of setting puzzles and riddles is that something that seems difficult at the outset seems easy in hindsight and you never know when people will get that special insight. If the treasure is not found, one additional hint will be made available for free every week. Hints will be sent to the email used during registration.

How do we know the treasure isn't moved during the course of the hunt?

When the hunt is over, we will release a full explanation of the riddles and our thinking behind them. There is only one place where the final clue can be found that makes sense as will be demonstrated during the explanation. We will be checking on the treasure box periodically to ensure it has not been disturbed. If it has, we will place a notification here and the hunt will be reset. In this unlikely event, you will be fully credited to participate in the next hunt. This policy will also apply to any instances where cheating or persons found breaking the terms and conditions violate the integrity of the hunt.

How do we know some random person hasn't found the treasure box?

We will be periodically checking on the treasure box to ensure it has not been disturbed. If it has, we will post a notification on this Website.

Which charities can the winner choose from?

In Season 3, the prize will be split between the winner and their choice of one of the following charitable organizations: - The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society - United Way Fraser Valley - Variety - The Children's Charity - BC SPCA - The Society To End Homelessness In Burnaby While we recognize there are many noble and deserving charities in the Lower Mainland, these few have been selected because of their size and reputation. Suggestions are welcome for future seasons if another charity event is held.

Is the contribution to the charity tax deductible?

Please consult an accountant or other tax advisor for advice regarding taxes. To be safe, the likely answer is no.

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