SEASON 3 -Winner confirmed!

Congratulations to Sebastien for being the first to solve Season 3 of Burnaby Treasure! The charity of choice was Variety - the Children's Charity and they will be receiving a donation thanks to all our participants!


Check out Season 2 as well!

"If you like figuring stuff out, I highly encourage giving this a try. I won Season 2, and now you can too! Cheap buy-in and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in entertainment value. Unlike some treasure hunts, you don’t have to run all over COVID-town. Solve it from home, then go to one spot to get the treasure box." 

- Brad B. Winner of Season 2


Burnaby Treasure is a small scale hunt with interesting puzzles and riddles for you to solve as you decipher the location of a treasure box contained within the city limits of Burnaby.

With a small playing area, low cost of entry and the potential of a satisfying reward at the end, we think this approach gives our hunters an experience focused on the fun of the hunt.

If you have any questions, please email us at